COVID-19 Recommendations For Our Patients

There is a lot of information circulating online about COVID-19. We want to share some critical information about the following:

1) When should you be strictly quarantined? 2) What can you do if your family is sick with COVID19? 3) Do we recommend Elderberry? 4) Important info about all upcoming appointments.

1) The answer to everyone in our patient population is NOW. We recommend all of our families be strictly quarantined at this time. There are four reasons you might need to leave your house: A: You need food supplies. Order what you can online or through delivery apps like Instacart, Prime Fresh, and others. We don't recommend ordering prepared food from restaurants for delivery. B: You need medical supplies. Again, order online or for delivery whenever possible. C: You have an essential work position like a police officer, acute healthcare professional, utility maintenance, etc... D: You know someone with an acute need that you can help while minimizing the risk to yourself. If it’s not on that list, stay home. Period.  If you need a letter of excusal, we’ll be happy to provide it. Please submit your request through the patient portal. **Due to the current volume of emails, we will only process excusal letter requests submitted through the portal.** If you no longer have portal access please call the office. 2) Treat COVID-19 as you would normally treat any respiratory flu with a couple of exceptions. We recommend the following:

-Fever reducers only at night or if fever is very high. 

-Lots of hydration. 

-Humidifiers with Vicks. 

-Inhaler if you normally use one for Asthma. 

-Cough suppressants/expectorants used as noted on the label.

New recommendations include the Buhner CV protocol if you are able to obtain it from here or here. In addition, you may use Vitamin C and Melatonin as per this article.  Probably the most helpful thing you wouldn’t necessarily have at home is a finger pulse ox. There are still plenty available as of now and they can be ordered online. If oxygen saturation is consistently dipping into the 70s, you should seek medical care right away. Normal saturation is 90% or higher. Dropping into the 80s temporarily during respiratory illness will happen and should be closely monitored.

If you’re in a true crisis, it may be easier to access medical care by ambulance than by ER walk-in. Do NOT go in for mild-moderate symptoms.  There is still no easy way to be tested. We will keep you updated as that becomes available. 3) Should we use Elderberry to protect against COVID-19? This debate is as old as time in autoimmunity. It applies to things like Echinacea and LDN as well. Anything that has the propensity to enhance the immune system can cause unnecessary upregulation in a subset of the population. Nothing we are reading with respect to Elderberry and Corona really changes that picture very much.  Most of our population already knows how their immune system reacts to Elderberry. We also know that Elderberry inhibits viral replication in the throat, as happens in with COVID-19 in the first 4-5 days.  If you are worried about Elderberry, you could still use it as a preventative and for the first few days to inhibit replication, then stop it when the acute phase begins. If you generally think it helps, we don’t think there’s a particular reason to avoid it now. (And yes, we’ve read the circulating literature.) 4) In an effort to keep everyone safe, for the next 30 days, all follow-up appointments will be through telemedicine with the Zoom application (even for local patients).  If you plan on joining your telemed appointment from your desktop or laptop computer, you don't need to download Zoom.  If you plan on joining from your mobile device, it's best to download the free Zoom app ahead of your appointment.   Please log into the meeting with your computer or mobile device 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment start time. We have suspended and rescheduled all new patient appointments for this week while we work out whether or not we can establish care via telemedicine AND if we can get masks in. New patients will be contacted by Friday with further instructions. During this time we are recommending that each established patient schedule a telemedicine appointment at least once per month so that we can stay on top of your concerns and health needs as things can change rapidly. To schedule your appointment please call (303) 219-0300. We’ll get through this together.

Your Lighthouse Complex Care Team

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