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Our Approach to Your Case

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

At Lighthouse Complex Care, we believe that every patient needs an individual care plan based on symptoms, testing and genetics. That said, we follow a specific path when working up any patient.

We start with the gut, the home of the immune system, looking to reduce inflammation, improve nutrient absorption, and start calming the system down. Getting the gut working properly helps strengthen the immune system and get the proper nutrients on board. As this happens, all the systems start working better.

Next, what infections are present? Is there something in the environment that are or could be negatively impacting the patient? How are these to be addressed, and how does that fit into the plan? Based on the gut assessment, does the body have what it needs to tolerate what is necessary for this phase?

Then we look at the patient’s metabolics. How does the body process food, absorb nutrients, produce the necessary enzymes for good health? What else can be learned from the patient’s genetics that may be impacting symptoms?

The whole time we assess and support the body’s detox system. Making sure that the body’s systems can effectively eliminate toxins when treating infections or when being hit by environmental insults is critical in helping patients feel better. 

Once a patient is feeling better and is more functional, we recommend therapies that help the brain relearn effective pathways. This step comes last because trying to change behaviors before the body is ready to accept those new pathways is usually a waste of time and money. 

Each one of these topics can be the subject of an advanced degree, so not one of them is easy. Lighthouse develops a care plan that will help step by step.

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