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Provider Spotlight: Netsy Mulugeta


I’m Netsy.

I started my journey into Biomed several years ago, but with a unique twist. I’m a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and have always been passionate about working with children with complex conditions. I never imagined that the child I would be needing to find the answers for would be my own.

However, like most mainstream providers, my education didn’t include courses on treating Autism. This left me lost, like many of us are, so I began scouring the web for answers. Fortunately, my research led me to TACA and other groups of parents seeking knowledge and I started to implement interventions for my child.

I knew when my child began to recover that Biomed was going to be a major part of our journey. I was also able to start connecting with, and learning from, providers in multiple disciplines including Gastroenterology, Neurology, Genetics, and Immunology.

There is no provider as passionate about finding the answers to treating Autism as the ones who are trying to recover their own children. I was fortunate enough to join a practice full of them. Lighthouse Complex Care is a unique group of providers who have fought to recover their own children and strive everyday to help as many families as possible.

We understand your journey. We know how it feels to be dismissed and unheard. We know what it’s like to sit in an appointment across from a provider who says ‘it’s just autism’ instead of working to find and address the root cause of a difficult symptom.

We have developed a unique framework for systematic medical investigation that allows us to find things that may have been overlooked or not thoroughly investigated. In this process, complex symptoms are supported and layers of healing emerge. Most importantly, we have created a practice built around the experience, expertise, and support we wished for ourselves as parents.

It’s been exciting to see my own son make strides everyday, thanks in part to the same approach that we use to guide treatment with our Lighthouse patients. I know that it’s possible for patients (and their families!) to live their best lives when the root causes of their behaviors and symptoms are addressed... I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

I’m honored to be a part of the Lighthouse provider team and I hope to play a continued role in the improved wellness of our patients for years to come.

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