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Current Patient Resources

Find patient forms and other tools to move your care and wellness forward. Access the patient portal, communicate with your providers, view lab results, and check your upcoming appointment times.



Here are some tools that we have found to be helpful and recommend to our patients to help meal plan, get support, save money, and stay organized.


At our patient's request, we are also now offering an option for patients to be able to access discounts on high-quality supplements through Wellevate, an online supplement dispensary. Registration is free.

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This app helps you prepare at healthy, home-cooked meals, and save money with easy-to-use meal planning. Delicious recipes and personalized meal plans for almost any diet restrictions. 

This app is available for both iOS and Andriod devices.

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This site was created by parents for parents. They help support and educate parents with kids on the spectrum and have many resources available. They have provided this tracker to help our patients stay organized and help us to better understand what is going on with your child between appointments.

To use it, you must have a Google account. Click the link and then select "copy". If you have questions about how to use the form or about their other resources you can contact them here.

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