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Not everyone who needs our help can get on a plane comfortably or travel easily.


However, every patient must see us in-person to establish care with our office.


To expand the reach of our care and be available to more families we are traveling the country to come to YOU.

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It can be so hard when you don't have a local provider who understands your complex case, especially when your ability to travel to one out-of-state is limited.

Starting this Spring, we will be making stops a few times each year to help make it easier to become a patient and get the care you need.

You'll find details below for which location is available, how to reserve your Life Raft appointment and pay your deposit.


Your Life Raft Mobile Clinic appointment will be 1 hour long and will take place in a temporary clinic space.


The fee for this initial visit is $750 and includes an in-depth review of your records prior to your appointment. We require a $350 non-refundable deposit to reserve your slot. We will not be billing insurance for the initial appointment.


Once you submit the form below, our staff will contact you within 3 business days to review your appointment time, process your deposit over the phone, and provide next steps. Space is very limited so if you cannot make your deposit we cannot hold your time slot.

After your appointment, you qualify for the option of doing future appointments via phone or computer for the rest of the year. 


We see patients with a variety of complex conditions in our Denver clinic. However, the patients who have the greatest difficulty with travel tend to be our patients with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.


Our Life Raft Mobile Clinic was created primarily for those families with a child on the spectrum who experience travel as a barrier to receiving the care they need.


This allows families to reach our mobile location by driving up to a few hours instead of trying to manage a flight and an airport.


Our next Life Raft location will be in Sacramento, CA.


We will be there for 2 days only and slots are limited so it's important to register right away.

Our current dates are May 11th and 12th, 2020.


Due to the responses we have received and the success of our LifeRaft Mobile Clinic on the East Coast, we are tentatively planning our upcoming locations/dates for our next mobile clinic stops.


At this time our tentative schedule is as follows:

June 8th & 9th  - Atlanta, GA

September 7th & 8th - Dallas, TX

If you want to pre-register for these locations please send an email with your information to

If you are interested in having us come to a different location please use the waitlist form below!

Is the current Life Raft too far for you to travel?

Want to submit a location we should go next?

Fill out the form and let us know! Be sure to include your full location.

Join our waitlist

Please take the time to fill out the information below so that we can contact you when we are getting ready to come to your area.

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